Step by Step Installation with Pictures

Before You Begin
Review the Installation Instructions PDF in it's entirety along with these step by step picture instructions to completely understand each step of the window well cover installation before you begin.

If you are here planning your window well cover installation let us help you choose the correct size cover by using our
Cover Calculator

Step 1:
Lay your new "Ultra Protect" basement window well cover over your window well and center it over the well opening.

Step 2:
Stand the window well cover against the house still centered over the window well. Next locate the rear support brackets (not included in all models) against the house foundation using the rear angle support of the window well cover as a striaght edge. Span the brackets equally and clear of the aluminum supports .

Step 3:
Lay the cover flat on well and from underneath, mark on the foundation the height for the rear support brackets. (At Step 2's location and even with the bottom of the rear angle) This can also be done with the cover standing up.

Step 4:
Drill and install the rear support brackets.
Using a 5/32” masonry bit drill the upper hole and install the bracket in place with a blue concrete screw. Then drill the lower hole and install the remaining concrete screw.

Step 5:
Locate and install the pin brackets.

Step 6:
Center your window well cover on top of the window well. Using a 1/4” drill bit drill a hole at each bracket support location and install the locking pin.

Step 7:
With the locking pins set in place you can now trim your Ultra Protect window well cover to the exact profile of your window well using a jigsaw with an aluminum cutting fine tooth blade.

Step 8:
After cover is trimmed go inside your window well from your basement and install your locking pins.