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Question: Can I cut the Ultra Protect Window Well Cover to fit my window well?

Answer: Yes. All Ultra Protect Window Well covers can be cut to the profile of your window well using a jigsaw equipped with an aluminum cutting blade. Simply mask off the profile of the well using typical 1" masking tape to the outside of the well and cut along the masking tape. This will result in leaving the recommended overhang around the perimeter of the well for water runoff.

Q: Does the Ultra Protect Window Well Cover attach to the house?

A: No. The cover is neither hinged or attached to the house. It is only connected to the window well using either well clips or our patented "Saf-T Lock" locking system. Rear supports are included in the hardware for the rear angle to set on.

Rear Support BracketWell ClipSAF-T Lock Locking System

    Rear Support bracket                      Well Clip                           Locking System

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Q: How much weight will the Ultra Protect cover support?

A: When installed using our patented "Saf-T Lock" locking system, the cover will support a minimum of 250 lbs.

Q: What type of material is the Ultra Protect cover made with?

A: Only the highest quality UV Resistant, High Impact Resistant polycarbonate sheet plastic material measuring a thickness of .118" (1/8") (3mm). We offer "Clear" and "Privacy Pebble" finishes
Privacy Pebble vs. Clear

Privacy Pebble vs. Clear

Q: What is the difference between the Privacy Pebble and Clear finishes?

A: The Privacy Pebble finish does not allow 100% of light to go through the window well cover because it is translucent. The definition of translucent is this: (of a substance) allowing light, but not detailed images, to pass through; semitransparent. Since detailed images do not pass through, this finish allows more privacy.

The Clear finish allows 100% of light to go through the cover since it is transparent. The definition of transparent is this: (of a material or article) allowing light to pass through so that objects behind can be distinctly seen. This allows less privacy than the Pebble finish.

Q: Can I order a Ultra Protect cover cut to size?

A: Yes. We can custom cut covers to size and in cases of odd shaped wells we can custom cut your cover when you send us a template. For information on how to calculate the size you need or how to make a template, go here.

Q: My window is higher than the top of the window well, what can I do?

A: You can add a backsplash piece to the back or extend the well up using a larger well or build it up using brick or wood.


Backsplash piece in use

Q: What does the term Egress mean when used in the statement "Egress Basement Window Well"?

A: The basic meaning of the word Egress is "a means or place of going out; an exit". So used in the topic of basement window wells, an egress window well is the way to exit the basement level of the home in the event of an emergancy. Described in IFC & IBC building codes, the egress window well opening must be a minimum of 36" wide and have a minimum 36" projection (minimum 9 square feet of area) to be considered an Egress Window Well.

Basement Section

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